Deep Cleaning Services


• Clean and degrease the oven and stovetop
• Clean the inside of the microwave
• Polish stainless steel appliances
• Wipe down cabinet doors
• Wipe down light fixtures and ceiling fans
• Wipe countertops, backsplash, and sink
• Clean the range hood
• Empty and clean the trash can
• Clean the inside of refrigerator (Upon request for additional charge)
• Clean the inside of oven (Upon request for additional charge)


• Dust surfaces and clean floors
• Vacuum under the bed and in closets
• Clean curtains and blinds
• Dust and clean windowsills and frames
• Clean and dust light fixtures
• Vacuum and clean upholstered furniture
• Wipe down and disinfect doorknobs and handles

Living Room Cleaned by Alexa's Cleaning Services
Living Areas

• Dust and clean surfaces
• Vacuum and mop floors
• Clean and dust electronics
• Wipe remote controls and doorknobs
• Dust and clean window blinds or curtains
• Wipe down and sanitize light switches and outlets
• Clean and polish wooden furniture
• Vacuum and clean area rugs

Bathroom Sinks Cleaned by Alexa's Cleaning Services

• Clean toilet, tub, and sink
• Sanitize faucets and handles
• Wipe mirrors and glass
• Wipe down cabinet doors
• Launder bathmats and towels
• Clean and disinfect the bathroom exhaust fan
• Scrub and disinfect grout
• Sanitize toothbrush dispensers
• Clean and organize under-sink cabinets
• Polish bathroom fixtures

Bedroom Room Window Cleaned by Alexa's Cleaning Services

• Remove cobwebs and dust ceiling corners
• Disinfect light switches, outlets, and doorknobs
• Vacuum and mop all floors
• Empty and clean trash cans
• Clean baseboards and high-touch areas
• Clean and disinfect pet areas
• Clean and organize storage areas
• Dust and clean outdoor furniture

We provide Trusted Cleaning Services

You may be too busy and too occupied with more important things than cleaning – and that’s where we come in. Our qualified cleaners do the job right. Proper cleaning ensures health and safety and uses high quality products and services.

Cleaning Professionals

All of our staff are fully trained to handle a variety of situations. For us, when it comes to health and safety, there’s no room for error so let us know if you have a health concern.